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How to Add Value to Your Work

Updated: Jun 2, 2021


We usually do so many things of our choice what literally called hobbies but never care to add value to it so that is get noticed. From snapping a stunning photo and posting on it our website, writing a blog, posting our beautiful thoughts on prevailing situations or commenting on any person's speech on social media and so on. Every time we feel our work will be appreciated by the targeted audience but in vein.

Then what is the core thing we miss so that we don't get the result we desire! In my view it is the 'value addition' we forget to put to our work.

Here are FIVE things in value addition process which Add Value to your piece of work.

1. Do the work with all your heart.

Yes! the first and foremost thing in value addition process is of course is to do the work with all your heart in it. Next...

2. Ask yourself first whether you are satisfied with your work.

You can't deceive yourself. That is why you need to ask yourself first that whether you are satisfied with your piece of work. if you love your piece of work 1/3 of process of value addition to your is done. Next...

3. Review your work.

Review your work once before finalizing. Find out any corrections need to be done. Now you are 50 percent done to your value addition process. Next...

4. Make Necessary Correction if required.

Make necessary correction and you are done 99% of your value addition process. And Finally....

5. Branding i.e. core of value addition to your work.

This is the era of reorganization. Everyone strive for it. Everyone want to be a brand. Leave your brand stamp on your piece of work else you hardly get noticed as a brand. Upto step 4 above you were 99% done of your value addition process but no 99 percent make 100 Percent%.

Branding comprises of 1% of your value addition process BUT very IMPORTANT and indispensable to make your piece of work COMPLETE i.e. 100 percent!


Keep in mind the above FIVE things and definitely you will gain attention you always were striving to gain. Never forget doing value addition to your work. Hope it make sense putting value to your work. Wish you ALL SUCCESS!


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